Monday, May 16, 2011

Last night's dream.

I know you, she said, as the tears spilled out like the water-bearer I am,
You're just a jug overturned, not sure whether you're half full or empty;
You're the docile lamb that fell in love with all the wrong lions
And got eaten, devoured even
But you deserve better
And that barren desert of a heart, that no-man's land, it's still beating;
The blood that courses through you is fortified with the events of this life you've been leading,
And your body isn't cold -
You've still got a million chances
Though you won't take them because you're too scared.
You're just a caged bird who isn't really trapped - that door's wide open
And your wings aren't broken anymore, they've been mended
So what do you need?  A push, a jump, to get you started?
You look for comfort in all the wrong places
Rely on a million unreliable faces
When are you going to stop with the fairytale lines and the fantasy chases?
He's not coming back for you -
This is just your time, wasted.

I ignore it in sleep,
But then I wake up -
And on the table by my bed there's this stupid Styrofoam cup
Which makes me start to wonder
Am I really half-empty?
And if I am
How do I become

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