Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy 6 Months (or what would have been)

There's something you should know and
I'm so sorry but
I know nothing I say can
You please forgive me I
Didn't mean to let it go this far you
Know how much I miss you even though
You just simply left me here to deal with
Us it was so much different we
Could both feel it but
YOU left it not
Me and I've been
Thinking too much while
Inhaling too much nicotine when
The tears won't come because
Everything is compressed into
Myself and I can never
Let any of any of this out
In the open, that's where I want this at
Least I should tell you that the
Place where you and I, and our two hearts, meet is
The spot I'm looking for on these deserted streets while
You're there, and you know I'm hurting and
You know that
I'm feeling so
Anxious and heartbroken which
Adds up to this feeling
Of utter loneliness.

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