Monday, July 25, 2011

I wrote this for you (my creative writing class).

Your eyes, and their habitability:
Earth-like worlds, full of mountain-tops and golden sands;
Crystal blue liquid water, ne'er a violent storm brewing between
Those brows placed perfectly on an energetic face.
My heart and these eruptions. O, explosions! Of love and things
That pain and sorrow cannot touch.
Tonight we are the only two stars in the galaxy
And, for once, being dwarfs isn't negative -
It is an e'er present reminder
That we are but particles:
Small, alien,
Not even a ripple in the ocean of our world
Yet we call it home
Because home is wherever your heart is
And we have each others:
Polar opposites are magnetic.
Quite the spectacle we'd be,
Though everything is distant
But that doesn't matter anymore.
All that does is what is,
And we are an aurora:
Making everything beautiful
One night at a time.

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