Monday, August 22, 2011

Less of a poem, but more thought than rhyme portrays.

Thirst doesn't fade,
But the alcohol runs dry
And this is the third night in a row
That I've purposefully gotten fuzzy
To drown out the memories
Of you, not him:
Because you're my current demon
And you don't even know
That you're affecting me like this.

I don't like to partake in excess,
But the drinks keep flowing out of this pitcher
And I'm real pretty
When I laugh with the power of
Liquid confidence coursing through my veins.

On the flip side,
Trick side,
Honesty goes away
When sobriety edges it's way through
The inebriation.
And I'm scared of myself when I'm sober,
So alcohol's more of a friend than you;
Especially when you make yourself a toy.

You'll never know any of this,
Unless you find where I hide my secrets.

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