Monday, September 19, 2011

College low life.

And she said "Honey,
no one in the world knows you
She was talking about me
But I couldn't grasp that concept
Because I know I don't know myself
Like some people know the backroads by heart
And their lover like the palm of their hand.
You can't know yourself when you're a foreigner,
An alien in a body you don't belong to,
Or when you're an actress
Because it's easy and men like that.

And he said "Love,
Not all of us fit the stereotype";
He was talking about men,
But not you.
Because "not all men want you for the
Wrong reasons",
It's just the majority of them that do.
I just don't see patterns,
Or hear the pitter-patter
Of heart-break's creeping feet,
It just hit me:
You're quite a lot like Sharpie,
I've got to scrub you off.

And I said "No one
can spin words or
Play Games
Like I can";
But that was before,
When I was a goddess
Or thought I was because
They all wanted what I portrayed
And I had the "prettiest eyes and
Whitest teeth"
The best smile, laugh,
Biggest personality
But, in the end, they were all
Using me.

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