Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was tired
So I got on a plane
And I flew away.
It was that simple:
Get in, get sick, get out.
White sands and blue waters await;
My feet are itching for new paces
On foreign pavements
And I know he'll miss me
Because they all do, eventually.

I was lonely,
So I found someone new;
Someone who isn't you
And I proved you right.
"Kelcey, you could do better";
I did...
Until it got worse,
And I got hurt.
So I found someone new again.

I was too noticeable,
Too loud,
And I wanted a change:
So I lost weight whilst joking about
The Sophomore (negative) 16;
How people notice weight drops more than they'll talk about gains.
How smoking and drinking curbs hunger
(the last one's no joke).
I became invisible (from the side)
And now I can't stand the constant pains,
The bump one thing and your bones scream;
The fact that everyone's encouraging me.

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