Monday, September 12, 2011

The things I've learned (part one)...

If you have dreams, follow them.
If you have hopes, don't fear being let down:
The rainbow does follow the rain,
And situations do improve with the passing days.
Time doesn't mend the broken heart,
But neither does isolation and trust issues,
And when people die, they stay with you forever
Even if the pain ebbs and you
Let yourself smile again.
You always blame yourself, even in times of least control,
No matter who says it's not your fault,
And that's just something you have to work through.
There are things that no one can help you with,
And that no one will understand:
Heartbreak is a person-specific feeling,
And while people can sympathize, expecting empathy is expecting too much.
It's okay to have expectations,
As well as it's okay to hold people accountable for not meeting yours:
But be careful of setting them too high.
Not everyone can reach the stars
And there are no perfect people.
Some people aren't made to live together,
Some people aren't good at relationships,
Some people are scared and some people are cowards:
As long as you try, no one can say you're a failure.
Except you.
You will always find fault with yourself:
In your thoughts,
Your actions; your words.
And while actions do, in some cases, speak louder than language ever can,
The things you do can be lies just as much as words can be false.
Some people are experts at fooling everyone,
And others can, and will, do whatever it takes to get on your good side,
Especially when their intentions are bad:
But it's not okay to push people away based on this.
Caution is key, but so is friendship and closeness and love.
No one ever found happiness by constantly keeping their guard up.
College is a place to act your age,
Unless you acted beyond your years prior to it,
And then it's a place to REALLY act your age.
Sometimes there won't be a single person who understands what you're trying to say;
Sometimes, that's your fault for not communicating well.
Brutal honesty is only brutal if you let it be:
We choose what hurts us, though some people shoot daggers on purpose.
Jokes are just jokes, until it gets offensive.
Being a female is a set back in some cases.
There will always be a coworker you can't stand,
And a boss who's "out to get you".

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