Monday, October 3, 2011

Calender days dripping away, and college is a bad nightmare blur.

There is no pain,
Just weakness that leaves the body
And I've got plenty
But I pretend I'm alright.
And I lie to him
And her
And my friends
About how well I'm doing in school,
At work,
I'm making friends,
But it's more like I'm adding to a collection
Of has-beens.
And my mind is tabula rasa blank,
Because John Locke was right
And I'm getting facts messed up
When everything used to be so organized
And there are no more light bulbs going off
Or ideas blazing
Because they're all in pieces on the floor
And I'm expected to sweep them up,
But it's not simply because I'm a woman:
It's because it's what I've always done before.

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