Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today, someone cried a waterfall
And they thought it would never end.

Today someone died,
They left behind friends, family, loved ones.
People are mourning.

Today people fought and believed they'd never make up.

Today a couple made love for the first time
When before then they hadn't believed in such things.

Today a faithless man found God after someone else lost their faith in Him,
And you can't tell which is which from appearances.

Today someone yelled and screamed at the person they hold the most dear
And that person took it because they know things get better in time.

Today people got married, people got divorced, and couples formed and disbanded,
And some of them learned that happiness isn't contingent on other people.

Today people made choices, some good and some bad.
They have to live with the consequences for a lifetime.

Today people committed crimes, and others performed selfless deeds,
And some, did both.

Today a daughter and father talked for the first time in years,
And they realized they still had nothing in common.

Today someone climbed a mountain,
Today someone realized their dreams were closer than they seemed.

Today someone got into a car accident
And someone caused that accident
And others had to deal with the aftermath.

Today people were prosecuted,
Some were found guilty, others innocent,
And there's a chance the jury made a mistake.

Today someone kissed the lips of the boy
That the other girl loves
And the boy that loves her watched
The destruction of the most beautiful thing
He'd ever seen.

And me?
Today I stood still and did nothing.

Today I learned Silence's secrets
And earned Shadow's favor;
Though, Lady Luck still won't answer.

But at least I'm not "someone", today.